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What is your study programme?

Support for students with ADD or ADHD

Last modified on 12-04-2024 13:18
If your ADD or ADHD is causing you problems during your studies, the student psychologist, your study adviser or a student counsellor may be able to help.
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What is your study programme?

Study adviser

The study adviser can counsel you on planning your studies and is your first point of contact if you have questions. You should definitely contact your study adviser if your ADD or ADHD has led to a study completion delay. You will then discuss your situation together. The study adviser will investigate solutions to reduce or compensate for your study completion delay.

Student counsellor

A student counsellor can give you more information on the facilities, assistance and support that are available to you in case of a study completion delay. Together with the student counsellor, you will look at which facilities can help you study more effectively. In addition, the student counsellors organise study skills training and workshops. They can help you deal with processing the large volume of information handed down to you in books, reports, syllabi and lectures. You will learn to plan effectively and stay in control of your tasks.

Student psychologist

If you have complaints that are consistent with ADD or ADHD and would like to talk about them, you can book an appointment with one of our student psychologists. Although they will not issue a diagnosis, they can point you in the right direction. They also offer courses, such as the one on 'Studying with ADD or ADHD'. This training course will give you an insight into and control over your studying behaviour and allow you to share your experiences with fellow students with ADD or ADHD.

Requesting a facility

The UvA offers a variety of facilities, including examination and other study facilities. If you want to use a facility that you are entitled to, make sure that you request it on time.