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Study completion delay due to force majeure

Last modified on 09-04-2024 16:49
Have you incurred a study completion delay due to force majeure? On this page you can find where to go to with your questions.
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What is a study completion delay due to force majeure? 

The 'term study completion delay due to force majeure' implies that you obtained fewer ECTS credits as a result of exceptional personal circumstances that have arisen or have been discovered during this academic year.

Examples are:

Financial assistance

Are you experiencing study completion delay due to a situation mentioned above, then you may qualify for financial assistance.

International students with a residence permit

Students from non-EU/EEA countries with a residence permit based on study, are required to obtain at least 50% of the ECTS-credits of their full-time study programme. If you do not reach the 50% threshold, the UvA will verify whether there is a valid reason for you to be exempted from the threshold. If you're not exempted, the UvA has to inform the Immigration and Naturalisation Department (IND) about this, with the withdrawal of your student residence permit as a consequence. Read more about study progress monitoring.

Contact your study adviser as soon as possible

An important first step is that you contact your study adviser as quickly as possible. Do this within 3 months of the start of the event/circumstance that is causing your study delay. Together with your study adviser you can decide whether to adjust your schedule, take a break or temporarily terminate your enrolment. The study adviser can also refer you to other support services or a student counsellor.