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Help for top-class athletes

Last modified on 09-04-2024 13:48
Are you a top-class athlete studying at the UvA? Find out how you can combine sport and study and whether you are eligible for financial support under the UvA Top-class Athletes Scheme.
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What is a top-class athlete?

The UvA can assign you top-class athlete status if you fulfil the following conditions: 

  • You participate in sports at international level (European Championships, World Championships and/or Olympic Games) within a recognised sporting discipline;
  • You have high potential: your age and/or lack of experience mean you are not yet ready to compete at the highest international level, but you perform so well that progression to the level of Category A may be expected.

These criteria are based on the advice given by the Netherlands Olympic Committee*Netherlands Sport Federation (NOC*NSF). Go to the NOC*NSF Topsport websiteExternal link (in Dutch) to see if you are eligible for top-class athlete status.

What support can you expect from us?

1. Study and sport plan

Your (academic) study adviser can help you to draw up a study and sport plan. Depending on what is possible in your degree programme, your (academic) study adviser can advise you on the best way to combine your study and sport. This may include discussing with lecturers the possibility of adjusting your study programme, requesting an extra examination opportunity or getting the Examinations Board to move examination dates if they fall in a training period. The possibilities may vary per faculty and/or degree programme.

2. Financial regulations

The UvA has Top-class Athletes Scheme (see PDF below). During their degree programme, top-class athletes can receive financial support from the Profiling Fund. Top-class athletes who are recognised as such by the UvA and who do not fall into Category A, who experience study completion delay due to their top-class sport, may receive a maximum of 12 months financial support in the form of a gift. The most important conditions to be eligible for this support are: 

  • you have contacted your (academic) study adviser and/or Student Counsellor in good time concerning the delay; 
  • You have not yet been awarded your initial university degree or Master's degree.

You can find more information in the UvA Top-class Athletes SchemeExternal link, and on the page about the Profiling Fund (General section + pages 8, 9 and 17).

3. Free USC sports pass

If you have been assigned top-class athlete status by the UvA and you are registered with Topsport Amsterdam, you can get a free USCExternal link sports pass. To get your pass, please register with the Student Counsellor Marjan Kuiper at j.m.kuiper@uva.nlExternal link.

4. Advice on regulations

Your (academic) study adviser can explain any relevant university regulations, such as exceptions to the Binding Study Advice (BSA) or financial compensation in the event of study completion delay. To be eligible for this it is important that you have regular contact during each academic year with your (academic) study adviser to discuss your progress.

5. Housing

Ymere has 102 accommodations on the Laan van Spartaan available for students who the top-class athlete designation. The allocation is done through the organisation Topsport AmsterdamExternal link (in Dutch). If you play sports at a high level, you can contact them to see whether you qualify for housing.


Any questions about the scheme? Are you eligible for the Top-class Athletes Scheme? Or do you think you may qualify for high-potential status? Then please contact student counsellor Marjan Kuiper, Top-sport coordinator, through j.m.kuiper@uva.nlExternal link.

There is close cooperation with Topsport Amsterdam. Topsport Amsterdam is committed to making a dual career possible for Amsterdam top-class athletes. Extra information about what Topsport Amsterdam does, can be found on the Topsport AmsterdamExternal link website (in Dutch). For questions you can contact Marie Hoogstraten through onderwijs@topsport.amsterdamExternal link.


Marjan Kuiper Student counsellor Student Services

Do you have questions about the Top-class Athletes Scheme? Please contact student counselor Marjan Kuiper, coordinator top-class athletics. You can send her an e-mail or make an appointment.

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