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What is your study programme?
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What is your study programme?
  • Enrolment and re-enrolmentChoosing a Master's, Enrolment, Re-enrolment, Switching study programme or direction, Requesting documents and declarations, Getting started at the UvA
  • Exams and gradesBinding study advice, Cum laude, Marks and assessments, Teaching and Examination Regulations, Exemptions and approval, Exams and resits
  • Graduating, degree certificate and terminating your enrolmentThesis and graduating project, Cum Laude, Graduating and degree certificate, Terminating your enrolment
  • ICT, accounts and appsUvAnetID, Email, Wifi, VPN, OneDrive, TIQR, Laptops and hardware, Online proctoring, ICT security, Personal data and profile, Apps and software
  • Study progress and planningCourse registration, Exemptions and approval, Studying abroad, Electives, Changing your study programme or direction, Planning your studies, Study guidance and counselling
  • Money matters and housingTuition fees, Paying with your student ID card, Expense claims, Insurances, Student finance, Visas and residence permits, Living in Amsterdam, Grants and financial aid
  • Health, well-being and safetyStudying with a disability, Vaccinations, Psychologists, Dentists, General Practitioners Practice UvA, Pregnancy and parenthood, Stress and mental health, Accessibility, Safety at the UvA, Study guidance and counselling, Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Campus, facilities and amenitiesRules, regulations and codes of conduct, Complaints, objections and appeals, Buildings and locations, Safety and social safety, Diversity and inclusivity, Sustainability, Student representation
  • Leisure and student associationsSports, Student councils, Cultural activities at CREA, Student and study associations, UvA Panel, Working during your studies, Extracurricular activities
  • Career and workGaining work experience during your studies, Career counselling, Work and career, Applying for jobs, Career events, Vacancies, Developing your skills, Alumni network, Obtaining a doctorate.
  • About the UvAStrategy, rules, regulations and codes of conduct, safe study environment, boards and committees
  • ContactStudy adviser, Education Desk, emergency number, CSSD, Lost and Found, Admissions Office, Examinations Board, International Office, Library, student counsellors, student psychologists, confidential advisers, Student Services, Servicedesk ICT Services, Facility Services