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Information about the new student website

Last modified on 02-02-2022
Part of the student website has been given a new look. Behind this new look is a carefully-considered website, designed to ensure you can find the right information in one place.
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What is your study programme?

Why a new student website? 

The student website is the central place where UvA students can find all the practical information they need about their degree programmes. However, until now it has not always been easy for students to find the right information. The search structure is unclear and the information fragmented, making it easy to lose your way online. This needs to change, which is why the UvA has been working on a new student website behind the scenes for a considerable time. 

Our focus

The new site will focus on the following:

  1. The right information, all in one place. 
  2. A personal dashboard with your timetable and results. 
  3. The latest information on news and events. 
  4. The opportunity to ask questions via the website. 
  5. The ability to easily arrange things online (scheduling an appointment, for example). 

The right information, all in one place

Currently, only a small part of the website has been completely restructured. Around the summer, the whole site will be converted to the new style. All of the information that is of relevance to you will then be grouped by topic and easy to find. Basically, you will be able to find the information you need in a single place.

After the summer, more features of the site will be added and improved. This includes the option to ask questions and arrange things online, such as scheduling an appointment with a staff member.

The UvA would like to emphasise that the relevant information concerning your courses, such as the required literature or messages from lecturers, can still be found as usual on Canvas.

Do you want to participate?

In developing the new student website, student needs have always been the priority for the UvA, in line with its key values of inclusivity and accessibility. For this reason, a diverse panel of students has been testing the improvements made to the website every few weeks. The feedback from these test sessions is incredibly valuable in developing the new student website. Would you also like to take part in a test panel session? If so, sign up for the UvA panel.