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Profiling Fund

Last modified on 10-08-2022
The UvA Profiling Fund offers financial assistance to students who have incurred a study completion delay due to exceptional personal circumstances or having served on a board for a year.
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What is your study programme?

Exceptional circumstances

Exceptional personal circumstances are, for example:

  • illness (e.g. surgery, glandular fever, mental health problems);
  • a disability or chronic illness (e.g. deafness, rheumatism, Crohn's disease);
  • special family circumstances (e.g. caring for a parent or the illness or death of a parent);
  • pregnancy;
  • high-level sports or culture;
  • an insufficiently feasible degree programme.

Administrative Body Membership Grant

You can also apply for financial assistance from the Profiling Fund if you incur a study completion delay as a result of your membership of a student association or organisation or participation in a representative advisory body. This form of assistance is referred to as an administrative body membership grant.


Applications for financial assistance in the event of a study completion delay must be made through a student counsellor. You will meet with your study adviser prior to your appointment with the student counsellor in order to discuss ways of catching up on or compensating for your study completion delay.

If you do qualify for financial assistance, you will meet with the student counsellor to discuss both available options (a contribution from the Profiling Fund or a grant from DUOExternal link). 

Profiling fund 2021 (pdf)


Student counsellors

You can contact the student counsellors for a confidential conversation about your personal situation and your study progress. Please check our conditions for guidance here.

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