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What is your study programme?

Conditions for support by student counsellors

Last modified on 03-04-2024 13:53
If you are facing circumstances that affect your study progress, please get in touch with the student counsellors. We are happy to help you, subject to the following conditions.
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What is your study programme?

The UvA provides support to students facing circumstances that affect their study progress, including by offering the services of student counsellors. We have drawn up a number of conditions for guidance and support by student counsellors.

  1. When you are enrolled as a student at the UvA, you may use the services of a student counsellor. It is up to you as a student or your authorised representative to initiate this.
  2. When you wish to use or are using the services of a student counsellor, the basic rule is that you should keep your student counsellor adequately informed about the current situation regarding your studies.
  3. If you are unable to stay in contact with the student counsellor due to medical reasons, you can designate an authorised representative who handles the contacts with the student counsellor on your behalf. This will require your written permission. 
  4. If the student counsellor has serious concerns about your health or mental/physical safety or that of those close to you, the student counsellor may discuss this with you. In very serious or acute circumstances, the student counsellor may contact third parties. Any such contacts will take place within limits set by the applicable privacy legislation.