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What is your study programme?

Study adviser

Last modified on 01-08-2022
The study adviser can help you with questions about your curriculum, your planning or personal circumstances that are affecting your studies.
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What is your study programme?

What can you discuss with the study adviser?

You can contact your study adviser for advice and support in the following areas:

  • Help with studying more effectively
  • Doubts about your study choice
  • Current or imminent study completion delays
  • Choices for the future, such as choosing your Master’s programme
  • Personal circumstances relating to your studies, e.g. fear of failure, high workload or a home situation that is impeding your progress
  • Extra challenges and in-depth options

Other questions

Do you have any questions about course registration, timetables, official documents, marks in SIS or test inspections? For these and other general questions about your degree programme, please contact the Education Desk.


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