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What is your study programme?


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The UvA has fast, secure and reliable wifi at all locations that you can use for free as a student.
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What is your study programme?

Set up your wifi connection

For safety and practical purposes, we recommend you set up your wifi connection at home instead of somewhere else on location. If you are on campus, then use Eduroam Visitor Access (EVA). This gives you internet access for one day. On the information screens there is a (blue) Eduroam slide with a daily keyword (password) and instructions on how to use it. After that please take the following steps. 

  • Make sure you have a working Internet connection. 
  • Go to wifiportal.uva.nlExternal link, and read the instructions on that page carefully.
  • When asked, fill in your UvAnetID, followed by @uva.nl, please note this is not your email address. Check if the correct operating system is selected, and click ‘JoinNow.’ Is your operating system not selected? Then please choose the correct operating system at the bottom of the page at ‘Select your system.’
  • The correct settings will be downloaded. If you have an Apple device, then you’ll be asked 3 times to enter the password of your UvAnetID. If you have a device of another brand, then you have to enter your password only once.
  • After this, you can connect to the secured wifi network ‘uva’ and/or ‘eduroam.’

There are also separate manuals for Windows, Android and Apple users:


Eduroam is an international collaboration of higher education institutions on the use of Wi-Fi. As a UvA student, you can use the Wi-Fi networks of all educational institutions that are connected to eduroam.

In the list of hotspotsExternal link and in the eduroam app, you can see all connected institutions both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Download issue in Android

You may experience problems connecting to an Android device. On this Android instruction pageExternal link you will find solutions broken down by version.


Servicedesk ICT Services ICT Services

The Servicedesk ICT Services is there to help you with all your ICT questions and problems.

Contact details

The Service Desk ICT Services can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00.

phoneMake a call+31 (0)20 525 1402