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Last modified on 24-02-2023
When you use a public, unsecured Wi-Fi network, first set up a safe connection with the UvA VPN (Virtual Private Network). A one-time download to your laptop or mobile device is required.
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What is your study programme?

Work safely with VPN

Are you studying through a public, unsecured Wi-Fi network? Then first set up a connection with our VPN (Virtual Private Network), to make sure that you are on a safe network, and no one can access your data.

Install VPN

To use our VPN, you need the VPN software 'Ivanti,' and a valid UvAnetID and password. The installation files download is different for every operating system:


Installation manual VPN for Windows (pdf)

Download Windows VPN Installer Ivanti 32bitExternal link
Download Windows VPN Installer Ivanti 64bitExternal link
Download Windows VPN Installer Ivanti ARM64bitExternal link


Installation manual VPN for MAC OS (pdf)

Download MacOS VPN Installer IvantiExternal link


Installation manual UvA VPN for Linux (pdf)
UvA VPN supported platforms guide (Pdf, 17p.)External link

Download Linux VPN Installer Centos/Redhat based systemsExternal link
Download Linux VPN Installer Debian based systemsExternal link

Using VPN

When you have downloaded the VPN software 'Ivanti,' and are going to work on a public, unsecured wi-fi network, first connect to our VPN.

Notification “Pulse Secure" on Mac

If you are working on a Mac, you may sometimes see a notification stating that the 'Ivanti' application is unreliable. However, this is untrue, and therefore you may ignore this notification.

Disconnect the VPN after use

Are you done working on the UvA network, and do you want to make private use of your computer again? Then first disconnect the VPN via 'Ivanti.' Do not leave the VPN connection open when you are done working.

Screenshot of PulseSecure

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