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What is your study programme?

Student counsellors

Last modified on 01-08-2022
The UvA student counsellors are available to support you in case of special circumstances that affect your study progress.
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What is your study programme?

What kind of help do they offer? 

You can turn to a UvA student counsellor for a confidential conversation, advice and information on matters that are not directly related to the content of your degree programme, but which relate to your personal situation or your study progress. This might involve: 

See the study adviser for your degree programme first 

In most cases, your study adviserExternal link is the first person you should talk to about your situation. They are aware of your specific academic circumstances and can form an opinion on whether you need information or guidance from a student counsellor. 

Schedule an appointment 

You can make an appointment with a student counsellor. Anything you discuss with the student counsellor will remain confidential. 


Student counsellors

You can contact the student counsellors for a confidential conversation about your personal situation and your study progress. Please check our conditions for guidance here.

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