What is your study programme?
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What is your study programme?

Training, workshops and groups

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The UvA offers you workshops, training courses, information sessions and groups to study more effectively. You can also work on the skills you need after graduation.
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What is your study programme?

Make studying more effective and enjoyable

Are you looking for tips on studying? Do you doubt whether you have made the right choice? Are you interested in sharpening your postgraduate skills? Or are you curious about the possibilities for psychological support or e-coaching? The UvA offers inspiring workshops, training courses, concise information sessions, and support groups. Registration for an event is possible 6 weeks in advance. You can find the full range of offers on the Events page.

Study skills 

Are you curious about ways to make studying more enjoyable, efficient, or effective? Or do your studies turn out differently than you expected? These workshops will help you on your way.
Jumpstart your thesis
How to process the study material?
Move your mindset
Smart reading skills
Smart planning: the basics
Smart planning: extended
Studying with a disability
Success in study skills: the Dutch approach
Switching programs and the requirements of a residence permit in The Netherlands
Tackling the books
The requirements of a residence permit in The Netherlands
Tips for exams

Study motivation 

Or do your studies turn out differently than you expected? These workshops let you rediscover joy and relaxation and get more out of your studies. 
Study motivation - workshop 1: Boost your motivation
Study motivation - workshop 2: Relaxation and making an effort
Study motivation - workshop 3: The Art of Failing
Study motivation - workshop 4: Procrastination and planning

Psychological guidance

Are you dealing with issues you're not able to resolve? Don't worry; you're not alone. These courses help you experience less judgement and stress and more space and trust.
Building healthy relationships
Chronic conditions and studying
Compassionate mind training
Dealing with fear of public speaking
Dealing with grief and loss
Emotion regulation group
Graduation support group
Managing stress
Mindfulness when feeling down and anxious
Social blues
Studying with ADD or ADHD

Stress & well-being workshops

You can also choose single workshops based on mindfulness. We offer them weekly.
All stress relief workshops
Stress relief - Dealing with difficult thoughts
Stress relief - Waking up with mindfulness
Stress relief - Winding down with mindfulness

Career orientation

Get support with the steps after your graduation. The focus is on self-reflection and inspiration. Interested? The current career and labour market sessions are on the Events page. These are the workshops you can choose from:
Ace your job interview
Bootcamp CV & Linkedin
CV: the basics
Discover what you want in work - Self-analysis
Finding a job in The Netherlands
Linkedin: the basics
Networking: how it works for you
Pitch your story
Questioning your studies: finding your fit
Transferable skills - Discover your talent
Writing your cover letter

Study choice

Is studying costing you more energy than expected? Wondering if you're in the right programme? Study choice courses are there to help you make choices that suit you.
The art of decision making
Choosing your Master’s

Study abroad

Would you like to meet other students who are interested in studying abroad? These sessions help you do so. The focus is on offering support to tackle the biggest challenges of studying abroad. Interested? You can find the current sessions about studying abroad on the Events page.

Success Strategy Sessions for first-year internationals

Once the first few weeks at the University of Amsterdam are behind you, what do you need to boost your student experience? The Success Strategy Sessions were explicitly designed for first-year international students and will smoothly help you onboard your academic adventure.

E-coaching for time management and studying effectively 

Are you busy studying, and would you like to have more control over your time? The e-coaching programme (in Dutch) helps you manage time and study effectively.


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