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Accommodation for students with a disability

Last modified on 05-04-2022
If you have a disability and are looking for suitable accommodation or modifications to your accommodation, here is a list of organisations that can help.
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What is your study programme?

Visit StudentenwoningwebExternal link and ROOMExternal link for independent and shared accommodation. While these types of accommodation offer no assisted living or modifications, you may still find accommodation here that meets your needs.

If you do not require assisted living accommodation, De KeyExternal link or DUWOExternal link offer a limited number of accommodations that have been modified to meet the criteria for students with a disability. You can send an email to De KeyExternal link or contact DUWOExternal link for more information.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need help urgently, contact the student counsellors.

Wheelchair-accessible accommodation

WoningNet AmsterdamExternal link offers wheelchair-accessible accommodation for people who require the permanent use of a wheelchair, yet are still able to live independently. To qualify for this accommodation, you need a letter confirming your medical need from the municipality of Amsterdam. You can request a declaration of urgency from the municipalityExternal link. This will give you priority when you apply for public-sector accommodation.

Assisted living

Jados (previously Stumass)External link offers assisted living accommodation for students with ASS. FokuswonenExternal link provides support to students with physical disabilities.

You can find an overview of assisted living accommodation on the social map of them municipality of AmsterdamExternal link. You can search this database by using a variety of keywords.

Requesting modifications to your accommodation

If you live independently and require special modifications to your accommodation, you can submit a request to the municipalityExternal link, which implements the Social Support Act on behalf of the government. It is best to do this in consultation with your accommodation provider.


Student counsellors

You can contact the student counsellors for a confidential conversation about your personal situation and your study progress. Please check our conditions for guidance here.

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