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Building accessibility

Last modified on 21-02-2023 20:39
At the UvA, we ensure that people with a disability are able to make as much use of our buildings and facilities as possible.
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Accessible rooms/auditoriums

Here is an overview of all rooms with facilities for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and an overview of rooms that are not wheelchair-accessible.

Finding floor plans of buildings and facilities

You can find the most up-to-date floor plans of the UvA buildings on the MapiqwebExternal link website. The floor plans are in 3D and you can search for a route to a particular room or step-free access to a facility. They also include the locations of the facilities, including wheelchair-accessible toilets and contemplation rooms.

Wheelchair-accessible toilets

Each UvA building has a wheelchair-accessible toilet. This requires additional access rights in most buildings. You can request these from a student counsellor. Visitors can pick up a pass from the doorman to gain access.

Specific information per location

Building accessibility for those with an assistance dog and/or mobility device

Assistance dogs are welcome in the UvA buildings as long as they are wearing a clearly recognisable guide dog vest. Only the use of necessary mobility devices or small vehicles inside the buildings is permitted. Mobility devices with an internal combustion engine are not permitted inside the buildings.

Assistance during emergencies

Emergency response staff are present in all buildings. If the lifts are out of use, for example in the event of an emergency, emergency response staff will take people with reduced mobility to the exit via the stairs. Also visit the page on additional assistance during emergencies.

Questions about accessibility

Are you experiencing any barriers to accessibility or would you like to know what is being done to improve accessibility? Email your questions about physical accessibility to Facility Services on toegankelijk-fs@uva.nlExternal link.

Requesting assistance

You can request assistance through the Facility Services service deskExternal link or at a service point in the building.


Facility Services

Facility Services arranges various facilities on campus. For example, you can go there for questions about the student card, reserving rooms or facilities related to events.

Contact details