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What you can do about undesirable behaviour

Last modified on 19-12-2023 11:22
Are you experiencing undesirable behaviour such as bullying, sexual harassment, aggression or discrimination, or are you being treated unjustly? Find out what you can do about it.
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Undesirable behaviour can lead to stress and psychological or physical symptoms, so it's crucial to discuss the situation with someone before things get out of hand. There is always someone you can turn to. See below for an overview of the support available.

Undesirable behaviour during lectures or tutorials

Undesirable behaviour can take place in lecture halls, but it can also take place online during lectures or tutorials.

If you encounter undesirable behaviour during a lecture or tutorial, your lecturer is the first point of contact. Would you rather not talk to your lecturer? You can also contact the study adviser, who can pass on your report to the programme director if necessary.

If you want to have a have a private conversation first, you can contact a confidential adviser who is there to listen and help you find a solution if that's what you want.

Undesirable behaviour by a fellow student, on or off campus

Are you facing undesirable behaviour by a fellow student at the UvA or off campus? You can report it to your lecturer, programme coordinator or study adviser. You can also speak to a confidential adviser. The undesirable behaviour need not have occurred at a UvA location.

Do you want to discuss structural problems or wrongdoing?

The ombudsperson looks at structural problems within the organisation and advises on improvements. The ombudsman is independent and impartial.

You can contact the ombudsperson for a confidential discussion about structural problems or abuses. For example, if you're experiencing structurally transgressive behaviour, are confronted with an unjust application of rules or procedures, or if you suspect an integrity violation or misconduct. Read more about how the ombudsperson can support you in various ways when you make a complaint.

Study delay due to undesirable behaviour 

If your studies are delayed because you're facing undesirable behaviour, contact the contact a student counsellor.

Mental health problems caused by undesirable behaviour 

If you have mental health problems because of undesirable behaviour, contact the student psychologist. You can also register with the General Practitioners Practice UvA where doctors have expertise in the specific health and mental health issues facing students.

Making a complaint about undesirable behaviour

The Complaints Committee is an independent committee responsible for handling and advising on complaints. You can make a complaint about undesirable behaviour or unfair treatment by a UvA employee. A confidential adviser can help you with this.

Helping prevent unwanted behaviour

The UvA offers courses, workshops and theater performances where you'll learn to recognise unsafe situations and to address undesirable behaviour.