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What is your study programme?

General Practitioners Practice UvA

Last modified on 19-03-2024 17:26
Visit the UvA’s General Practitioners Practice to receive treatment from GPs with specific knowledge about student life.   Make an appointment
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What is your study programme?

These GPs work together with the ‘Oude Turfmarkt’ GP practice. They are available to help if you are sick or feeling out of sorts, or if you are having trouble finding the right help and are worried about your health. You can also turn here if you need a prescription, check-up or vaccination. Throughout your enrolment at the UvA (and usually afterwards, as well) you can remain registered with our General Practitioners Practice, no matter where in Amsterdam you live. And there is no need to look for a new GP if you move house.  

Register with the UvA’s GP practice  

If you would like to register with the UvA’s General Practitioners Practice, you can do so via the website of UvA’s General Practitioners PracticeExternal link.  

Emergency contact information

Life-threatening situations: call 112

Emergencies during office hours: +31 (0)20 525 2889

The emergency line of the UvA General Practitioners is answered within 30 seconds. This phone number is for emergencies only.  An emergency is understood to mean:

  • Sudden onset serious health problems
  • Accidents
  • Life-threatening situations and acute crisis situations

Emergencies during the evening, night and weekend: +31 (0)88 0030 600

For emergencies during the evening, night or weekend, please contact the GP posts in AmsterdamExternal link:

  • For life-threatening situations immediately enter a 9, you will then have priority over all other incoming calls
  • Have insurance information ready
  • You discuss the situation, an appointment will be made with you either for the consultation hour or a home visit
  • Making an appointment via phone mandatory when visiting your general practitioner's office

Advice and guidance 

Looking for help can be daunting 

Studies show that many students experience frequent symptoms such as fatigue, emotional exhaustion and general gloominess. And because they are under heavy strain, in too many cases, these students do not seek help for their symptoms or do so only at a later (potentially too late) stage. 

The UvA’s General Practitioners Practice has therefore created a websiteExternal link to help students find the help they need. On this website, you will find many personal interviews with students who discuss how their studies and student life played a role in the health complaints they developed. The website focuses on the views and experiences of students, rather than the opinions of health professionals. 

The UvA’s General Practitioners Practice has created a separate websiteExternal link with tips on how to stay mentally and physically healthy. Here you will also find information on study skills, as well as a list of care providers who specialise in helping students in Amsterdam and other cities. 

Take the health quiz and get feedback 

Students report being in poorer health than other young people their age. Does this also apply to you? If you fill in the questionnaireExternal link, you will receive an email with individual feedback. Your scores will be compared to those of fellow students. The data is anonymous, of course, and will not be retained in a medical file.