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Make a complaint about undesirable behaviour

Last modified on 09-02-2024 14:09
Are you experiencing undesirable behaviour such as bullying, sexual harassment, aggression or discrimination, or are you being treated unjustly? Find out how to make a complaint.
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What is your study programme?

Any form of undesirable behaviour is unacceptable. If you are confronted with such behaviour during your studies, you can make a formal complaint.

Undesirable behaviour by a fellow student

Do you have a conflict or problem with a fellow student or are you being treated disrespectfully by a fellow student? The confidential adviser can advise you. However, you cannot make a formal complaint against a fellow student.

Undesirable behaviour by a staff member

Are you facing undesirable behaviour or unjust treatment from a staff member? You can share your story in private with a confidential adviser and receive guidance and advice. A confidential adviser can help you draw up your statement if you'd like to make a complaint, or you can do it yourself or with the help of someone else.

Submit a complaint

Describe your complaint and email it to the Complaints Committee: klachtencommissie-uva@uva.nlExternal link. You can find a detailed description of the complaints procedure in the UvA's complaints regulationsExternal link.