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The ombudsperson examines problems within the organisation and advises faculties or the University on improvements. You can approach the ombudsperson for independent advice or mediation.
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What is your study programme?

You can approach the ombudsperson for a confidential discussion if you’re dealing with inappropriate behaviour, a violation of academic integrity or if you’re dealing with an unfair application of rules or procedures.

What does the ombudsperson do?

If you report an issue to the ombudsperson, they can support you in various ways:

  • Registering your report
  • Personal advice
  • Advice to the faculty where you’re enrolled
  • Mediation
  • Setting up an investigation
  • Referring you to someone who can help you find a solution
  • Making a recommendation to the Executive Board or the faculty dean

The ombudsperson has a duty of confidentiality and will always treat your complaint confidentially. Your name will not be disclosed without your permission.

Difference between the ombudsperson and confidential advisers

Confidential advisers offer individual support, help and guidance in finding a solution. Confidential advisers can also support you with any formal steps (with the Complaints Committee, for example).

The ombudsperson works from an independent and impartial position. For example, you can only have your complaint registered here. If several complaints are reported, the ombudsperson can then start an investigation. The ombudsperson also identifies developments and patterns within the UvA and advises the Executive Board, deans or the Secretary on this.

I don't know where to report an issue

That's okay. The confidential adviser and the ombudsperson will consult each other if necessary. Read more about the ombudsperson on the UvA websiteExternal link.