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This is how the UvA supports your well-being

Last modified on 23-05-2023
As you navigate your transformative journey at the UvA, you'll encounter many challenges and opportunities impacting your well-being. For these, we have a support system based on Skills, Student life and Support. It helps you deal with academic pressures, social dynamics, or anxieties. You can also improve your personal growth or the balance between work, life and study. Find out what fits you!
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What is your study programme?

Skills, Student life, Support

The UvA offers a support system for your well-being based on Skills, Student life and Support. Find out what fits you.

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  • Study adviserThe study adviser can help you with questions about your curriculum, your planning or personal circumstances that are affecting your studies.
  • Training, workshops, information sessions and groupsThe UvA offers you workshops, training courses, information sessions and groups to study more effectively. You can also work on the skills you need after graduation.
  • Online Study Space: guided study sessions online and in the LibraryIn the Online Study Space you can experience the benefits of studying in physical study spaces from wherever you are. You can study online with others and benefit from professional guidance.
  • UvA Student Careers CentreThe Student Careers Centre is here to help with your career development. You can contact us to discuss your options, ambitions and doubts at any time during your studies. Take part in one of our events, have your CV checked, get personal advice from a career adviser or read our online tips for shaping your career. You can make use of our services for up to a year after graduation.
  • Student psychologistsAre you having mental health problems that are interfering with your studies? The UvA’s student psychologists offer various types of support to help you.
  • Student counsellorsThe UvA student counsellors are available to support you in case of special circumstances that affect your study progress.
  • Student associationsAmsterdam student life is flourishing, with plenty of student and sport societies to take part in outside of your studies. For instance, a student association is a great way of getting to know students from other degree programmes. On this page, you'll find an overview of the various forms of association in Amsterdam.
  • Study associationsStudy associations mainly revolve around academic subjects and are linked to degree programmes. Find your study association.
  • General Practitioners Practice UvAVisit the UvA’s General Practitioners Practice to receive treatment from GPs with specific knowledge about student life.   
  • CREA student cultural centreCREA is the student cultural centre of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA).
  • Exercise at USCReady to get active? USC is the gym for UvA students. Five of the 7 USC locations are close to a UvA campus. And for UvA students, working out at USC is really cheap!
  • Contact a confidential adviserIf you are experiencing undesirable behaviour, you can contact any UvA confidential adviser no matter which faculty you are enrolled at.