What is your study programme?

Connect with fellow students

Last modified on 23-05-2022
Contact with fellow students is important during your studies. Because of Covid, this isn't easy anymore. Luckily, there are various ways to get in touch with your fellow students.
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What is your study programme?

Contact through a study association

  • Take part in activities of the study association affiliated with your study programme. Your study association organises - where possible - drinks and other in-person or online activities to help you stay connected with the study programme and with others.
  • The UvA initiative Keep in TouchExternal link encourages students to stay connected to each other. Every study association can apply for financial support for initiatives that connect students and contribute to student wellbeing.

Contact through your study programme

Check if your study programme offers options for staying connected with fellow students. Your mentor, tutor or lecturer can probably tell you more about this. 

Study together with others

Register with OnlinebraryExternal link and take part in (for example) a self-study session where students help each other to study and remain focused.

Would you like to talk with someone?

This pandemic demands a lot from us all, and everyone recognises feelings of discomfort and loneliness. There are several initiatives and possibilities for you to talk with someone such as another student, a coach or a psychologist. Feel free to reach out and don't be embarrassed. It's often a relief to share your situation with someone else.

Find out about initiatives and help for studentsExternal link.