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What is your study programme?

Connect with fellow students

Last modified on 22-03-2024 13:11
Contact with fellow students is important during your studies. This isn't always easy. Luckily, there are various ways to get in touch with your fellow students.
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What is your study programme?

Contact through a study association

  • Take part in activities of the study association affiliated with your study programme. Your study association organises - where possible - drinks and other in-person or online activities to help you stay connected with the study programme and with others.
  • Some study associations organise buddy programmes. It's worth asking your study association if they have such a thing.

Contact through student and sport organisations

 Amsterdam has several  student associations and sport clubs you can check out.

Contact for international students

ESN Amsterdam is the student organisation that helps students get the most out of their exchange by organising cultural and social activities. The Cultural Exchange Ambassadors Programme gives you the opportunity to share your exchange experiences and work with a diverse group of students.

Contact met medestudenten met een functiebeperking

UvA IDEAs is a platform run by students with disabilities. They are committed to an accessible and inclusive UvA. They also have a sounding board group within which students can interact with each other, and exchange experiences and ideas.

Study together with others

Register with Online Study Space and take part in (for example) a self-study session where students help each other to study and remain focused.

Would you like to talk with someone?

Are you not feeling well and in need of a conversation with someone else? There are several initiatives and possibilities for you to talk with someone such as another student, a coach or a psychologist. Feel free to reach out and don't be embarrassed. It's often a relief to share your situation with someone else.

  • You can call the Alles Oké?-SupportlineExternal link (Everything Ok?) and share your story anonymously to one of the volunteers. Our volunteers are trained to truly listen to you, without judging. You get all the time to tell us your story.
  • All EarsExternal link is a similar initiative, especially for UvA students, by UvA Psychology students. You can call All Ears if you need a listening ear, or if you just want to have a sociable chat with a fellow student. Maybe you want to talk about stress for an upcoming exam, or maybe they have just experienced something you want to discuss anonymously.  At All Ears, you will get the full attention of a Psychology student.
  • You can always reach out to the student psychologists of the UvA