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Guided study sessions

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Studying requires time, energy and commitment. Maybe you struggle with performance pressure, uncertainty about your results, early dropout or procrastination. Join the Guided Study Sessions.Form Guided Study SessionsComplete this online form to sign up for the various study sessions
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What is your study programme?

What is Guided Studying?

During the guided study sessions, you study in a group with support from student hosts and specialists. The hosts are trained by student counsellors and student psychologists. The specialists are experts from the Writing CentreExternal link, Methodology Shop, thesis coaches, or information specialists from the Library. Guided studying helps you plan your tasks and start your study day. Studying together provides motivation and prevents procrastination. The sessions contribute to improving your study results and meeting deadlines.

Four variants:

  1. AD(H)D-friendly study sessions
    Tuesday to Thursday, 13:00 - 18:30 
  2. Exam sessions
    During exam periods, we offer a focus boost for ten days. From 10:00 to 22:00, including weekends.
  3. Thesis sessions
    From the 2nd semester. Study every Monday with fellow thesis writers. Receive support in finding and citing sources, academic writing, and assistance with methods and statistics.
  4. Summer Study Sprint
    During the summer recess. Catch up on your studies or finish your thesis.
Image: Wouter van der Wolk
Image: Wouter van der Wolk

For whom?

Guided studying is suitable for students with neurodivergent challenges such as AD(H)D, autism, and dyslexia, as well as if you experience attention and concentration issues. You don't need to have a diagnosis to participate.

Where can I join Guided Studying?

The guided study sessions take place both on-site at the Library and online. In the University Library Singel (room C1.01), a special Focus Room has been set up. Online, you can check in via MS Teams. After registration, you will receive more information.


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