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Mental health

Last modified on 23-12-2022
Are you feeling down or struggling with your studies? This page provides a comprehensive overview of the support and resources the UvA has to offer when it comes to your mental health.
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What is your study programme?

Study adviser

If you’re struggling with your studies, but are unsure about who to ask for help, your study adviser is your first point of contact. You can always contact him or her for personal advice and support regarding a variety of topics, such as doubts about your study choice or current or imminent study completion delays.

Student psychologist

If you’re experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, insecurity or other mental health issues, you can turn to the student psychologist, who is there to help you with any personal issues that are getting in the way of studying. You don’t need a referral to contact the student psychologist.

If you’re feeling suicidal, visit the suicide prevention website www.113.nlExternal link or call either 113 or 0800-113.

Confidential adviser

Are you experiencing some form of inappropriate behaviour, such as bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, aggression or discrimination? Confidential advisers offer support and can help you figure out how to stop it from happening or prevent the situation from getting any worse. If necessary, the confidential adviser will refer you to a professional counsellor.

E-health modules (in Dutch)

You can also take one of the free self-help e-health modules offered specifically for UvA students. You can choose from different modules, for example 'Grip op je dip'. Sign up on the UvA General Practitioners Practice websiteExternal link.

Other help

  • All EarsExternal link is an initiative for UvA students by UvA Psychology students. You can contact All Ears on their free phone number whenever you feel the need for a sympathetic ear, for example if you want to discuss an argument with a housemate, had a nightmare or are finding it difficult to organise your week. The volunteers are always happy to help and are literally All Ears!
  • Caring UniversitiesExternal link offers free, evidence-based mental health programmes for students on topics such as stress, mood, procrastination and Covid-related problems. Developed by clinical psychologists, the programmes are continually tested and upgraded. Online coaches are also available to provide personal support as you follow the programmes.
  • UvA Psychology student Seung Ju Kim has launched a special podcast series in which students discuss subjects such as mental health and loneliness. Click hereExternal link to listen to the Voiced Vulnerabilities podcast.
  • In 2021, De Kindertelefoon (children’s helpline) opened the support line Alles Oké? (Are you OK?) for young people aged 18 to 25. If you’re feeling down, are struggling with your studies or have worries about the future, you can seek contact anonymously on the Allesoke.nl website.External link The volunteers who operate the chat and phone lines have been trained especially for this support line. They can help you take a right first step.