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Are you experiencing undesirable behaviour?

Last modified on 06-01-2023
Are you experiencing undesirable behaviour such as bullying, sexual harassment, aggression or discrimination, or are you being treated unjustly? The confidential adviser can advise you.
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What is your study programme?

Undesirable behaviour can lead to stress and psychological or physical symptoms, so it's crucial to discuss the situation with someone before things get out of hand. You can always turn to your lecturer, study adviser or confidential adviser.

Undesirable behaviour during lectures or tutorials

Krijg je tijdens een college of werkgroep te maken met ongewenst gedrag, dan is je docent het eerste aanspreekpunt. Ga je liever niet naar je docent? Je kunt ook terecht bij de studieadviseur, die jouw melding zo nodig kan doorgeven aan de onderwijsdirecteur. Of ga naar een vertrouwenspersoon, deze biedt een luisterend oor en helpt met het zoeken naar een oplossing als jij dat wilt. Ongewenst gedrag kan plaatsvinden in collegezalen, maar ook op het internet wanneer je colleges of werkgroepen volgt.

Your lecturer is the first person to turn to in the event of undesirable behaviour during a lecture or tutorial. Would you prefer not approach your lecturer? You can also speak with your study adviser, who can pass on your complaint to the College/Graduate School director if you wish. Undesirable behaviour can occur in lecture rooms, but it can also take place during online lectures and tutorials.

Undesirable behaviour by a fellow student

Do you have a conflict or problem with a fellow student or are you being treated disrespectfully by a fellow student? You can contact your lecturer or study adviser. You can also turn to the confidential adviser. The behaviour does not necessarily need to have occurred at a UvA location.

What can you expect from our confidential advisers?

Confidential advisers offer support to anyone experiencing study-related undesirable behaviour and can help you figure out how to stop it from happening or prevent the situation from getting any worse. If necessary, the confidential adviser will refer you to a professional counsellor. They can also help you file a formal complaint with the Complaints Committee. Everything you discuss with the confidential adviser is confidential. The confidential adviser will only take action if you have authorised them to do so.

Study delay due to undesirable behaviour 

If your studies are delayed because of bullying, contact the student counsellor.

Mental health problems caused by undesirable behaviour 

If you have mental health problems due to bullying, contact the student psychologist.