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Student counsellors

Student counsellors

Information for international students

How can we help? 

A student counsellor supports, provides advice and informs students. You can ask questions or have problems that are not directly related to the curriculum (the content of your study programme), but to you as a person. Consultations with a student counsellor are confidential.

What is the difference between a study adviser and a student counsellor?

If you have questions about the timetable or your study planning, you can make an appointment with your study adviser. In case you have personal problems - which may lead to study delay - it is necessary to discuss the matter with your study adviser as soon as possible. Your study adviser can refer you to a student counsellor.

You don’t need to have a study adviser’s referral, though, as you can also contact a student counsellor directly.

Special circumstances

There may be special circumstances that influence your study progress, regardless of whether you have yet to start your study programme or have been studying for a while now. In case of these circumstances you can, if you need or want to, talk to a student counsellor confidentially. Circumstances are for example top-class athletics, a disability for which you need specific adaptations to enable studying, illness, pregnancy or parenthood and family circumstances (e.g. informal caregiving).

Help with your application for facilities

You can contact a student counsellor for assistance with applying for several facilities. A student counsellor can help you with:

  • applying for examination or other educational arrangements
  • applying for a financial compensation in case of study delay caused by illness or other personal circumstances
  • obtaining a grant or scholarship from a private fund for financing your study abroad. For a couple of funds, an accompanying letter from a student counsellor is required. (Make an appointment with a student counsellor long before the deadline of the particular fund!)
  • applying for a private fund to partly finance your study costs, if you are no longer eligible for a student grant
  • applying for other grants for which you may be eligible, such as financial assistance for administrative activities.

Other topics for which you can go to a student counsellor

Make an appointment in time

Contact or book an appointment to get help from a student counsellor early to maximise the chances that the student counsellor will be able help you. Consultations with the student counsellor are free of charge.

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