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Studying with a disability

Last modified on 15-07-2024 04:23
Find out more about support for studying with a disability or chronic illness at the UvA.
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19-08-2024 16:00
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For you?

A disability or chronic illness can hinder studying, making studying more challenging and costing more time and energy. Sometimes, this is clearly visible (you are blind or use a wheelchair). Still, often, a disability is not noticeable. For example, in the case of dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, autism or a mental illness.

If you have a support question for following education or taking exams, the UvA would be happy to help you. Depending on your disability, there are various options for support. For instance, in pursuing your studies and taking exams to help you study as pleasantly as possible.

In this information session, the student counsellor, study adviser, and the Student Disability Platform will share how best to arrange these practical matters.

Do it yourself?

You can find more information on how the UvA supports you on the webpage 'Studying with a disability, dyslexia or chronic illness'.


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