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What is your study programme?

Submit a complaint about your degree programme or about UvA services

Last modified on 09-02-2024 14:08
You can submit a complaint about your programme or about UvA facilities and services. This could be a complaint about the contents of a course, for example, or procedures during an exam.
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What is your study programme?

First talk with the people involved

Experience has shown that talking to the person concerned or responsible often leads to a solution and to mutual understanding. We recommend that you first try to find a solution together.

Independent UvA staff members such as your study adviser, a student counsellor or a confidential adviser, can help you with this.

Undesirable behaviour

Are you experiencing undesirable behaviour? We provide details on a separate page on how to make a complaint about undesirable behaviour.

How to submit a complaint

If talking doesn’t help, or if you’d rather not do so, then you can make a complaint. You can lodge a complaint as follows:

After you have submitted the form, you will receive an automated confirmation email. 

What happens next?

Every faculty and service unit at the UvA has a complaints coordinator who deals with incoming complaints about faculty-related or practical matters. The complaints coordinator will contact you about the handling of the complaint.


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