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Appeal against a decision of the examiner or Examinations Board

Last modified on 21-06-2024 10:53
If you disagree with a decision by an examiner or the Examinations Board of your degree programme, such as your grade for a course, you can appeal it.
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What is your study programme?

Examples of matters against which you can make an appeal include the following:

  • a final grade of an examination or assessment of a thesis or final assignment (you cannot appeal a partial grade)
  • a decision by the Examinations Board to a request from you regarding exemptions or extra resits
  • sanctions imposed for established fraud or plagiarism
  • the binding study advice
  • decisions regarding admission to a Master’s programme

You may also make an appeal against decisions of an Admissions Board, the BSA Committee or Entrance Examination Committee.

Make your appeal within six weeks

Are you considering making an appeal? It might be useful to talk to the lecturer first about your objections, or to contact the Examinations Board.

Always take into account the appeal period of six weeks: you must lodge your notice of appeal to the Examination Appeals BoardExternal link (CBE) within six weeks from the date the decision was issued. The date of the decision is the date on which the decision was sent. If the decision concerns a grade, the date of its registration in SIS applies.

Can't meet the 6-week deadline? Submit a pro forma notice of appeal. You're then letting us know in time that you do not agree with a decision. You will subsequently be given a deadline to submit your grounds for appeal.

Make an appeal

You can make an appeal by post or using the digital service desk. Your appeal must include the following:

  • Your name and address, the date and the grounds for your appeal
  • A clear description of the decision that you are appealing against
  • A copy of the decision you are appealing against
  • Your signature


Make an appeal in writing:

University of Amsterdam
Attn. Examination Appeals Board
P.O. Box 19268
1000 GG Amsterdam

Digital service desk

Once you’ve submitted the form, you'll receive an automated confirmation by email. This email will also contain information about what happens next.


Examination Appeals Board

If you have any questions, please contact the Examination Appeals BoardExternal link.

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