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Job analysis

Last modified on 11-07-2022
Use this analysis to see if the job you have found suits you and how you can best draft your CV and cover letter when applying for this position.Prefer printing?Open the job analysis as pdf (in Dutch)
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What is a job analysis?

A job analysis is a list of questions that you can answer for yourself in response to a job vacancy, in order to determine whether the position and the company culture match your qualities and wishes. You can also use this analysis when writing your CV and motivation letter.

Why a job analysis?

You want to check your expectations against those of the employer. There are many aspects of a job that determine whether you fit in or not. With this analysis, you can gain more insight into this.

Career Counsellor

You can discuss the vacancy analysis with a career advisor. Make an appointment via the contact block at the bottom of this page. 

Well-known pitfall

Don't let yourself be too impressed by the requirements. The vacancy text is written from the perspective of the employer or the team that is currently working there. Realise that you will learn a lot in every position and that there is room for this in most organisations. In addition, it is easier to write a job ad (wish list) than to find someone who fits exactly into that picture.

Questions in advance:

  1. First impression. What is your very first impression? Write down as much as possible what your image is of the work, the organisation, etc. as a result of the vacancy text.
  2. How would you fill the position? Read only the company information and the job description and determine how you would approach this work. Also determine what knowledge and skills you need to perform the tasks and handle the responsibilities. In this way, you will create an honest picture of yourself, of how this position suits you. Your idea about the job will say a lot about how well you can judge whether it suits you or not.

Create the match

Match in terms of requirements and wishes

Match concerning the function

Match with the organisational context

What is the history of the organisation and do you fit into the current culture? Read the annual report and the mission and vision of the organisation. Also check the LinkedIn profiles of current employees to get a more concrete idea of this.


  1. What seems to be the real need of the organisation?
  2. How can I meet this real need?
  3. I am still missing this information:
  4. I like the job because
  5. I do not like this about the job because
  6. This job fits / does not fit into my career planning, because
  7. I meet the following requirements
  8. I do not (entirely) fulfil the following requirements
  9. This I can offer as compensation

Do I want to spend time on a reaction, do I want to continue?

  • No, I will not spend time on this
  • I am going to call for more information
  • Yes, I will write a letter of application