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Writing a cover letter

Last modified on 29-06-2023 16:23
A good cover letter is your chance to convince the employer of your talents and qualities.
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The cover letter is a major part of any job application. It is a common tool used to select candidates for a position, as well as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the employer(s). A cover letter is intended to supplement the content of your CV, not repeat it.

It demonstrates your motivation and suitability for a given position. Above all, you want to make the reader eager to talk with you in person. To that end, keep things short and sweet and make sure you bridge the gap between what you want and what the employer is looking for.

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Writing a cover letter

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Attending a workshop

The ‘Writing a cover letter’ workshop will teach you what constitutes a good cover letter and how to convince a potential employer of your qualities. For this and our other sessions, please look at the Events page.

You can also have a careers adviser review your cover letter. To do this, schedule an appointment with the Student Careers Centre.