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What is your study programme?

Applying for a job

Last modified on 21-03-2024 17:04
Once you have completed your degree, or if you want to gain work experience before graduation, you will need to apply for jobs. The UvA Student Careers Centre will be happy to support you in preparing for this. Use our tips to get started on your own, or follow a workshop or training course.
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What is your study programme?
  • Curriculum vitaeA CV provides a concise and effective summary of your experience, achievements and interests, both academically and otherwise.
  • Writing a cover letterA good cover letter is your chance to convince the employer of your talents and qualities.
  • Job interviewGot a job interview coming up? This is your chance to show that you are suitable for the position. It is also an opportunity to check whether the job matches your own needs and expectations.
  • LinkedInLinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. You can use it as a source of information about companies, vacancies, professionals and careers. Learn how to put it to work for y
  • NetworkingHaving a good network is very useful. 80% of work is found through networking. The UvA Student Careers Centre helps you find your own style of getting in touch with people.
  • Vacancies and the UvA Job BoardThere are a number of places you can look for jobs, part-time jobs and internships.
  • Workshops and training Students Careers CentreThe UvA offers all kinds of workshops and courses to increase your chances of landing a job. Learn how to apply for jobs or take a workshop self-knowledge.
  • AssessmentAssessments are a common part of the job application process. The employer uses specific tests to find out whether you are the most suitable candidate for the job.