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LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. You can use it as a source of information about companies, vacancies, professionals and careers. Learn how to put it to work for y
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What is your study programme?

Nearly 1 billion users worldwide

LinkedInExternal link is an extensive database of professionals, organisations, specialised groups and vacancies. LinkedIn has nearly 1 billion users worldwide. That is why it's the number one tool with which to explore the job market, expand your network and get yourself noticed.

You can use LinkedIn to:

  • find people with the kind of job you want (who can offer insight into the role);
  • get an idea of possible career paths based on your degree;
  • prepare to meet someone – a shared interest or contact is a great icebreaker;
  • learn more about the employees and culture of a potential employer;
  • stay abreast of the latest trends in your field.

All you need to do to start looking and get people looking for you is to create a basic profile.

Creating a LinkedIn profile

Watch the video below to learn how to optimise your profile and make sure people find you on LinkedIn.

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Networking via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a database of professionals, organizations, groups and vacancies. You can create your own profile, so you can search in this database and be found yourself. It is also your online resume and business card. You can use LinkedIn to orient the job market, create connections with people you already know or want to get to know, follow organizations, sign up for group around a certain topic and post messages on your wall just like Facebook, so people in your network can read this.

LinkedIn offers useful ways to network with alumni of your study programme. Watch the video below (it's only available in Dutch unfortunately) for an explanation.

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Useful tips 

  • Networking: the power lies in the connections of your connections. Networking via LinkedIn creates a snowball effect, so connect with as many people as possible.
  • Orientation: you do this by not only looking at vacancies, but especially also at the profiles of other people with the same (study) background as you. This is a richer source of information about the labour market than job vacancies alone.
  • Profiling: create a professional headline for yourself. This is not a job title but a short description in which you highlight your professional self and your ambitions. So not: Political Science student, but: Starting Political Scientist with a background in media and an interest in the NGO sector.
  • Profile picture: add a profile picture. A photo on your profile makes the chance that you will receive a personal message 36 times greater than without a picture.
  • Personal URL: make your LinkedIn-url personal by adjusting it under ‘Contact and Personal Info’. Doing this will put you higher in the search results. You can also add this link to your resume.
  • Language: you can create your LinkedIn profile in Dutch and in English. Depending on your preferred work area, you choose 1 of the 2 languages.

Information session: LinkedIn: the basics

Would you like to learn more about how to use LinkedIn? In this information session, we will focus on how to create an effective basic profile. Learn how to present yourself, expand your network, and use LinkedIn to navigate the job market. Check out the Events page to see when this and other UvA Student Careers Centre sessions take place.

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