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Curriculum vitae

Last modified on 09-08-2023 15:12
A CV provides a concise and effective summary of your experience, achievements and interests, both academically and otherwise.
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What is your study programme?

A curriculum vitae is a crucial document during the application process. Employers will usually look at your CV first and only then read your cover letter.

Initially, employers will scan your CV very briefly, spending roughly 10-20 seconds doing so. That is why you need to make sure employers can find what they are looking for very quickly. You should always keep in mind the specific requirements of the vacancy and adapt your CV for every application.

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Tips for your cv

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Examples and inspiration

Read the handout to see an example of a CV (pdf) and aspects you should take into account.

The UvA Student Careers Centre has created a PinterestExternal link board to provide inspiration on how to create an effective and professional CV.


CV Feedback Tool

If your CV is in English, you can upload it to the CV Feedback ToolExternal link. This will immediately give you tips on the text, presentation, impact and skills aspects of your CV. The Feedback Tool will also compare your CV to that of your fellow students, colleagues and professionals from all over the world. Based on this, you will receive detailed feedback showing exactly which aspects of your CV could use improvement.

You can upload your CV as many times as you like – so you can incorporate the feedback and then submit your CV again to see if it has improved.

The UvA provides this tool in cooperation with CareerSet. You can use your UvA email address to create a free accountExternal link. The UvA will have no insight whatsoever into your use of the CV Feedback Tool, your data or any CVs you upload.

Information session on CVs

The UvA Student Careers Centre offers an information session about how to create a curriculum vitae. The session explains the basics of putting together a CV that accurately reflects your competences. You can sign up for this session if you are a current student or have graduated less than one year ago. The session is offered in both Dutch and English. If you would like to take part in ‘CV: the basics’, you can sign up online in advance. For this and our other sessions, please look at the Events page.

Individual feedback

You also have the option to schedule an appointment with a career adviser. In a one-on-one consultation, you will go over your CV together and look for ways to improve it.