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Last modified on 09-09-2022
Do you already have an idea of the kind of career you would like to have? Here, you will find various tips and tools to orient you to your future career and help prepare you for the job application process
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What is your study programme?

A student's story

Finding out what you want is not always easy. Watch in this video what helped Tamar with her career orientation.

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  • Discover your interestsBefore you can choose a direction for your career, you must first know what your interests are. That will help you take the best decisions. You will find a variety of exercises here.
  • Discover your qualitiesIt can be difficult to identify your own qualities. On this page, you will learn how other people can help you learn more about yourself.
  • Career testsDifferent tests exist for the purpose of increasing self-knowledge and to help you make career-related decisions.
  • Workshops and training coursesThere are many kinds of workshops and training courses you can take part in to increase your self-knowledge.