What is your study programme?

Study and career choices

Last modified on 30-06-2022
You may have doubts about your current study programme or you may want to choose a different study. Or you may have doubts about your (future) career and whether the study programme of your choice will lead you to a field of work that suits you. Are you in the right place? What direction do you want to go in? Our study and career advisers can guide you through this choice process.
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What is your study programme?
  • Help with doubts about your study choiceIf you're considering changing to a different programme, the UvA offers a number of forms of support: a test, a study-choice course or an appointment with a study choice adviser.
  • Career counsellingDo you want to start with your career and labor market orientation? Discuss your questions, doubts and plans with a career counselor.
  • Study adviserThe study adviser can help you with questions about your curriculum, your planning or personal circumstances that are affecting your studies.