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What is your study programme?

Help with choosing a Master's

Last modified on 31-07-2022
Your choice of a Master's degree programme is an important step in your career. The information you will find here will help you to make that choice. If you still feel that you need to discuss your options in person, you can contact the UvA Student Careers Centre. Our aim is to help you make the next step that fits you.
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What is your study programme?
  • Practical steps towards choosing your Master’sThere are various factors to take into account when choosing a Master’s. The information on this page can help you make that choice.
  • Choice of Master’s and the job marketYou are considering to take a Master’s degree after your Bachelor’s programme. On this page, you will find more information on how this could affect your opportunities on the job market.
  • Master's abroadAre you thinking about enrolling for a full Master’s Programme abroad? On this page you can read about how to choose and prepare.


Student Careers Centre

Study choice and career advisers at the Student Careers Centre offer guidance in making choices at key moments in your academic career. Book an appointment, drop in during our online consultation hours or send us an email.

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