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Last modified on 28-05-2024 11:07
Different tests exist for the purpose of increasing self-knowledge and to help you make career-related decisions.
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Personality tests

Big 5

This test is based on the ‘Big 5’ theory of personality traitsExternal link. This is the most commonly used and most well-researched personality theory, meaning it is scientifically valid. The test provides feedback on five basic dimensions of your personality: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, altruism and neuroticism (OCEAN). There are no ‘bad’ scores. It can, however, be used to find a work environment that is right for you and can help you present yourself effectively. While your personality traits remain relatively stable throughout your life, some of them may change or shift as time goes on.

Many companies use more ‘popular’ tests such as the DISC test and the MBTI test as well, despite the fact that the scientific reliability and validity of these tests has not been established.


The DISC testExternal link is a quick way to identify your DISC type and personal DISC profile. Learn how the DISC factors (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) can help explain both your everyday actions and your behaviour towards other people.


Another commonly used personality test is the MBTIExternal link (only available in Dutch), which distinguishes between 16 different personality types and is based on the theories of Carl Gustav Jung. The MBTI model includes four dimensions: introvert/extrovert, thinking/feeling, sensing/intuition and judging/perceiving.

Values tests

Work Values Test

Which values do you find important in your job? By taking the Work Values TestExternal link, you can learn how this might affect your future job and the corporate culture that is right for you.

Personal values 

The Personal Values Test External link(only available in Dutch) deals with the personal values that are most important to you. This is relevant to finding out what drives and motivates you

Competence Test

The Competence Test is used to measure the 16 competences that are most strongly related to work. A free version of this test is available in EnglishExternal link (but not in Dutch)

CV Feedback Tool

If your CV is in English, you can upload it to the CV Feedback ToolExternal link. This will immediately give you tips on the text, presentation, impact and skills aspects of your CV. The Feedback Tool will also compare your CV to that of your fellow students, colleagues and professionals from all over the world. Based on this, you will receive detailed feedback showing exactly which aspects of your CV could use improvement.

You can upload your CV as many times as you like – so you can incorporate the feedback and then submit your CV again to see if it has improved.

The UvA provides this tool in cooperation with CareerSet. You can use your UvA email address to create a free accountExternal link. The UvA will have no insight whatsoever into your use of the CV Feedback Tool, your data or any CVs you upload.

Follow-up meeting with a UvA careers adviser

After taking the tests, you can schedule an individual consultation with a careers adviser to discuss the results. This is your opportunity to ask questions about how to apply the test results when making career-related decisions.