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Last modified on 06-02-2023
The Faculty Global exchange programme consists of agreements that faculties make with partner universities.
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What is Faculty Global?

The UvA has UvA-wide agreements with foreign universities on exchanges within Europe (Erasmus+-programme) and exchanges outside Europe (Global Exchange Programme), and there are agreements at faculty level. We call the latter 'Faculty Global'. Faculty Global consists of the agreements that faculties make partner universities. 


  • For destinations, please check the UvA World MapExternal link and select 'Faculty Global'. 
  • In this way you can see whether your faculty also offers faculty-specific exchange programmes.


For exchanges in the academic year 2023-2024 there is one application procedure for all destinations. This makes it easy to apply. You can apply for up to five destinations per round where you would like to go. More information about the application procedure can be found on the application page.


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