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Global Exchange Programme

Last modified on 10-10-2023 16:15
The UvA has agreements with more than 90 universities outside Europe about exchanges: the Global Exchange Programme.
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What is the Global Exchange Programme?

The Global Exchange Programme includes over 90 universities outside Europe. Students of all disciplines are eligible for these exchange programmes unless your faculty or the host university applies certain restrictions.

The agreement between University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the host university specifies the entrance requirements, possible study areas, the duration of the exchange and the number of students who are to be exchanged per year.


For destinations, please check the UvA World Map and select 'Global'. (For exchange destinations within Europe, see the Erasmus+ Exchange-programma).

Admission requirements

In order to apply for the global exchange programme, you have to meet the entry requirements for participating in an exchange programme as outlined on the UvA World Map. It is important to know that you can only go on exchange to the same partner university once, and that UvA students are required to pay tuition to the University of Amsterdam and do not need to pay tuition to the host university.


For exchanges in the academic year 2024-2025 there is one application procedure for all destinations. This makes it easy to apply. You can apply for up to five destinations per round where you would like to go. More information about the application procedure can be found on the application page.

Terms and conditions

If we can offer you an exchange opportunity, you must agree with the Terms and Conditions of the Global Exchange Programme (pdf).