What is your study programme?


Last modified on 24-05-2022
Find out everything you need to know about your enrolment at the UvA, including information about re-enrolment and termination of enrolment. You can also find information about topics such as tuition fees or your student ID card, for example. Do you have further questions about your enrolment? Get in touch with the Central Student Service Desk.
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What is your study programme?
  • Re-enrolmentIf you wish to continue your study programme, you must re-enrol. This is possible from mid-May and must be done by 31 August of that academic year at the latest.
  • Re-enrolment following a study interruptionIf you wish to resume the same study programme after an interruption, you should enrol via Studielink on August 31st at the latest.
  • From part-time to full-time or vice-versaIt's possible to change your enrolment from part-time to full-time or from full-time to part-time. The latter is possible only if the degree programme is also available on a part-time basis.
  • Changing your study programme or directionIf you realise during the academic year that you’ve chosen the wrong study programme or field of study, you should take action.
  • Check the status of your enrolment in SISIs your enrolment not finalised yet? Check the status of your enrolment in SIS.
  • Information about tuition feesWhen you enrol at a university or university of applied sciences in the Netherlands, you must pay tuition fees each year. All information on tuition fees can be found via this page.
  • Your student ID cardRead how to apply for your student ID card, and how to activate it and discover what you need the card for. Graduated? Hand in your student ID card.
  • Requesting documents and declarationsDo you need a document or declaration of enrolment, tuition fees, diploma or other educational documentation? Find out more on this page.
  • Terminating your enrolmentWhen you graduate, or if you want to quit your studies, then you must terminate your enrolment in Studielink. In addition, you may be entitled to a (partial) refund of your tuition.


Central Student Service Desk (CSSD)

Do you have general questions about studying at the UvA, for instance, about your enrolment or tuition fee? Contact the CSSD. Want to request a document or have it signed? Fill in our contact form. 

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