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Last modified on 13-01-2023 14:16
Make sure you have proper insurance coverage for the duration of your studies. Health insurance, liability insurance and insurance against fire and theft are all required and/or recommended.
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What is your study programme?

Health insurance

By law, everyone in the Netherlands must have adequate health insurance. Read more about your situation:

Personal liability insurance

If you damage another person’s belongings or injure someone, in a cycling accident for example, you'll be expected to pay for damages. Liability insurance covers the costs of such accidents.

  • We strongly recommend that all students take out personal liability insurance. 
  • Personal liability insurance is mandatory if you're a non-EEA/EU student requesting a residence permitExternal link through the UvA.

Household contents insurance

Electronic equipment such as laptops, phones and televisions are expensive to replace. Whether you’re living in student accommodations or in a private room or flat, it’s wise to insure your belongings against theft, fire or water damage with a household contents insurance ("inboedelverzekering" in Dutch). 

Collective insurances

As a student, you're also covered by a number of UvA insurancesExternal link. The UvA has group accident insurance covering accidents during internships, for example. The UvA also has collective group travel insurance which means you're insured if you go on an excursion as part of your UvA studies.