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Health insurance for Dutch students

Last modified on 19-03-2024 17:08
Everyone in the Netherlands must have health insurance. Until the age of 18, you're covered by your parents' insurance. After that, you must arrange and pay for your own.
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Read more about what happens if you don’t have health insurance.

Find an insurance company

There are many different insurance companies in the Netherlands you can choose from. On the website Zorgwijzer.nlExternal link you can compare the different policies available. Some insurance agencies offer special deals for students.


Basic health insurance costs about €1,500 a year. Besides this, there is a yearly insurance excess, meaning you pay some of your initial health costs yourself. As a student, you could be eligible for financial aidExternal link in the form of a healthcare benefit. 


In exceptional cases, you may hold Dutch nationality but still not be eligible. If you've never lived in the Netherlands and have come here solely to study, you may be refused Dutch health insurance. To find out whether you're eligible, please contact the Zorgverzekeringslijn.nlExternal link