What is your study programme?

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Last modified on 30-01-2022
Have a question or problem to solve? Here you can find contact details for education desks, offices and support staff at the UvA.
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What is your study programme?


In case of an emergency, please call the UvA Central Control Room via the central emergency number:

T: +31 (0)20 525 2222

This number is available day and night, 7 days a week. You can call the central control room in case of calamities, such as serious injury, water leakage that could lead to a short circuit, power outages, a gas smell or fire.

Study-related questions

Central Student Service Desk

Do you have questions about studying at the UvA, such as your choice of study programme, your enrolment, tuition, housing, or studying abroad? Call, use WhatsApp, or stop by at the Central Student Service Desk (CSSD).

Or use the Digital Student Service Desk (DSSD). Your question, including document requests, will then automatically arrive at the right place within the UvA.

Education Desk of your study programme or faculty

If you have questions about your study programme, such as courses, timetables and grades, or if you want to talk to a lecturer, contact the Education Desk of your study programme or faculty.

Issues with Wi-Fi or ICT

Do you have questions, complaints, or issues with ICT services within the UvA? Then please contact the Service Desk ICTS.

Questions about your student ID card or booking rooms

For questions about your student ID card, booking rooms, or for advice on organising events inside UvA buildings, please contact Facility Services.

Get extra help or personal assistance

Study adviser

The study adviser of your study programme can help if you have questions about your study planning, doubts about your choice of study programme or if you're facing study delays because of illness or personal circumstances. If necessary, they can refer you to other professionals.

Filing a complaint

There are several things you can do, depending on the nature of the complaint. Find out how you can file a complaint.

Lost and found objects

If you've lost one of your belongings at a UvA location, it might have found its way to the building's reception desk. We register any found objects in iLostExternal link. In many cases you can pick up your missing item on the same day you lost it. You can also have it sent to you.

Have you found something at a UvA location? Please bring it to a UvA reception desk nearby.

UvA locations and buildings

For addresses, directions or information about accessibility, see our overview of UvA locationsExternal link.