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Reception desk

Last modified on 13-01-2023 11:16
At the reception desk you can report incidents, request access to parking facilities and hand in found items.
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Found items  

If you find an item left behind in a building on one of the University of Amsterdam campuses, you can hand it in at one of the reception desks or service points. The item will then be registered on the iLostExternal link website. If you have lost an item, you can look for it on this website.   


The staff at the reception desks monitor safety in the buildings. They turn away unwanted individuals (or have them removed from the premises) and they register and report on incidents, notifications and any particulars relating to safety and security. 

Support for CER team 

In case of an emergency, the reception staff will support the Company Emergency Response (CER) team. In addition to alerting the CER team and mobilising emergency services, they also manage the CER materials – such as megaphones, vests, walkie-talkies and first-aid kits – which they make available to CER officers in case of an emergency. Often, the receptionist also assists the CER team leader in writing an incident report.  

Access to rooms and/or parking facilities 

If you need access to special rooms and/or parking facilities (on medical grounds), please see the reception desk. To request a parking space on medical grounds, read more on the page Building accessibility.



Facility Services

Facility Services arranges various facilities on campus. For example, you can go there for questions about the student card, reserving rooms or facilities related to events.

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