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Transferable skills - Discover your talent

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Are you ready to discover what skills you have to offer? Learn how you can further develop and use those skills in various situations.
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Welke opleiding volg je?
31-03-2025 15:00
31-03-2025 17:00
Building JK, Room 2.82., Roeterseilandcampus, Nieuwe Achtergracht, Amsterdam

For you?

As a student with no work experience, it may seem like you have little to offer. In this workshop, you will discover your unique skills and how to use them and develop them further. Skills gained at university, in your daily life or outside it, are valuable in any (work) environment. That is why they are called transferable. Think problem-solving, critical thinking, conflict management and working under pressure.

In this workshop, you will explore your transferable skills, learn how to use them in new situations and how to develop them further.


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