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Alumni session: Language and Literature

Laatst gewijzigd op 08-04-2024 14:36
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This session is intended for students in all BA, MA, and RMA programs in Language and Literature. The alumni in this session represent the breadth of the field in which students from these programs enter, such as institutions in the cultural sector, publishing, education and science. 

The session begins with a presentation in which the alumni reflect on what they took from their studies and what, in particular, proved useful in their later careers. After this, we will continue in smaller groups and you can ask all your burning questions to the various alumni, who will be happy to talk to you. 

Alumni participating in the session:

  • Eva Asselbergh completed a Master's degree in Literature, Culture & Society and now works as a creative producer at Theater RAST in Amsterdam.
  • Julia Neugarten did the BA English Language and Culture and the RMA Literary Studies and now has a PhD position within the Ancient Anchors and New Media project at Radboud University.
  • Isis Fawzy completed the MA Comparative Literature and now works as a project manager at SPUI25.
  • Robyn Ainsworth did the MA English Literature and Culture and now works as a musician and freelance social media strategist.
  • Daniël van Kessel completed the BA Dutch Language and Culture and now works as an investigative journalist for Follow the Money.
  • Ludmilla Coornstra did the MA in Dutch Language and Culture and now works as a junior editor at Onze Taal.
  • Sophie Rutenfrans completed the BA Literary Studies and the MA Comparative Cultural Analysis and now works as a programme maker for De Nieuwe Schatkamer at the Nederlandsche Bank.

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From April 8 until 19 are the Humanities Career Weeks! This is the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the different professional fields and to gain useful contacts within your field. In this way, you will take the first steps towards the labour market. 

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