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What is your study programme?

Study places and project rooms

Last modified on 02-08-2022
Are you looking to find a place to study, to reserve a project room or to use one of the computers with pre-installed software? The UvA offers several options.
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What is your study programme?

Study places

Study places are available in various UvA buildings, mostly offered by the Library. There are also study places with a desktop computer on which specific software is already installed. On some of the desktop computers you can work comfortably on a large screen or use it as a second screen. In some places you will find video call booths, where you can follow online lectures or collaborate online. 

It is even possible to rent a laptop (Chromebook) via the Library.

Read more about study places on the website of the University Library.External link 

Project rooms

You can book project rooms via UvA Spacefinder (Mapiqweb)External link.