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Student Council

Last modified on 12-06-2024 11:00
Every year in May Student Council elections are held at the UvA. As a UvA student, you get to choose the council members with your vote. Student Councils represent the interests of UvA students. They contribute to the debate on key issues such as educational quality, digitalisation, student well-being and mental health, student housing, social safety, diversity and inclusion and sustainability.
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Student representation at the UvA

Student Councils represent the interests of UvA students. The Central Student Council (CSR) represents the entire UvA. Furthermore, each faculty has its own Faculty Student Council (FSR). This means you get to vote twice.

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  • Student Council elections 2024The 2024 student council elections are behind us. A total of 7,135 UvA students voted. Thanks for voting!
  • Who can I vote for during the Student Council elections?Find out which parties are running for the Central and Faculty Student Councils. Do you already know who you'll vote for?
  • Central Student CouncilThe Central Student Council (CSR) gets involved with UvA-wide issues, such as student housing, the binding study advice (BSA), student well-being and mental health and course evaluations.
  • Faculty Student CouncilA Faculty Student Council (FSR) discusses, on behalf of the faculty’s students, faculty policy with the dean.
  • Serving on a Student CouncilAre you considering standing for election as a council member? This page features the roles you can play on a Student Council, the amount of time it involves and the benefits it brings.
  • Nomination of candidatesDo you want to represent UvA students on a Faculty Student Council or on the Central Student Council? If so, you must officially put yourself forward as a candidate.