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Nomination of candidates

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Do you want to represent UvA students on a Faculty Student Council or on the Central Student Council? If so, you must officially put yourself forward as a candidate.
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You can stand for an existing party or set up a new party. The nomination will take place from Monday, 15 April to Tuesday, 23 April. Below you will find the documents you need for the nomination.

Standing for election on behalf of an existing party

The student councils deal with a range of issues, on which various stakeholders at central and faculty level voice opinions and adopt positions. If you share an existing party's views on issues that are important to you, you can choose to join that party. The party will then choose candidates and assign them a ranking on its list of candidates. The party leader is responsible for ensuring that this list of candidates is submitted to the Central Voting Office (CSB) on time. See below for details.

Establishing a new party

If you do not agree with the views of an existing party or feel they do not adequately represent your views, you can decide to form your own party. You must then submit a list of candidates to the CSB with the following basic details:

  • the name of your party (maximum of 35 letters)
  • the faculty you wish to represent (this may also be at a central level)
  • the names of the candidates for your new party (they must be enrolled in the faculty where your party will take part), their dates of birth, email addresses, student ID numbers and signatures. A party must consist of at least one candidate.
  • The list of candidates must also be signed by at least five students enrolled at the faculty (or university) as a token of support. These signatories may not be candidates themselves.

Dutch/English language proficiency

In line with the UvA's language policy, candidates are expected to have either an active command of English and (passive) command of Dutch at B1 level, or an active command of Dutch and (passive) command of English at B1 level. If your Dutch or English language skills are insufficient, but you still run for election and are elected, you can (preferably prior to the start of your term of office) attend a language training course for representative advisory body members.

Central Voting Office

The Central Voting Office (CSB) ensures that the student council elections are held in a fair manner. This independent UvA body establishes the electoral register, ensures that all eligible voters are represented on the electoral register, determines the validity of the submitted candidate lists, monitors the orderly conduct of the elections and certifies the election results. It also rules on appeals against decisions. The CSB consists of a chairperson, four members (including one student member) and up to three alternate members, and is supported by an official secretary. The Central Voting Office is located in Room 1.21 of the Maagdenhuis (Spui, Amsterdam).