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What is your study programme?

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QTEM Programme

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For ambitious Economics & Business Master's students with a quantitative orientation, the selective QTEM exchange programme is a great opportunity. 
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What is your study programme?

The QTEM programme is an ambitious and selective programme for outstanding students. QTEM offers a strong background in quantitative and analytical skills and techniques applied to management or economics, gives you the opportunity to study a (second) semester abroad, and has a mandatory internship component, which will enhance your chances on the labour market.

About the programme 

The QTEM programme consists of:

  • An exchange at one of the universities of the QTEM network
  • A quantitative internship
  • The Global Business Analytics Challenge

You can decide yourself in which order you would like to do these components of the programme.

Exchange at one of the universities of the QTEM Network

The University of Amsterdam is a founding member of the expanding network Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management (QTEM). The QTEM network currently consists of more than 20 top business schools across the world. QTEM brings together outstanding students, academic institutions and top international corporations. Check out all the Academic Partners of QTEMExternal link. You can find more information on the QTEM destinations on the UvA World MapExternal link.

The internship

  • The mandatory internship covers a period of minimum 240 hours full-time equivalent. 
  • When you do the internship is up to you, however, the internship must contain at least two consecutive weeks. 
  • The internship can be done before or after the exchange, and can be done at home or abroad. 
  • The internship must be related to a quantitative topic and have a significant analytical content.
  • Each academic institution has connections with corporate partners that are part of the QTEM network. QTEM students will get exclusive access to these corporate partners (although placement is not guaranteed).

Global Business Analytics Challenge (GBAC)

All QTEM students should successfully complete the GBAC, which consists of:

  • Online trainings in data science and online leadership
  • QTEM Data Challenge (QDC).

The work load is approximately 150 hours.

Application requirements

The requirements listed on the QTEM websiteExternal link are general requirements. The specific requirements of Economics & Business students (UvA) are as follows:

  • You are enrolled to the MSc Accountancy and Control, Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance, Business Administration, Business Economics, Economics, Econometrics and Data Science or Finance at the University of Amsterdam;
  • You are a good student, having performed well in your Bachelor's as well as in your Master's programme;
  • You are proficient in English;
  • You are highly motivated;
  • Your GMAT score is 650 or higher (test taken within the last 3 years). Download the GMAT-GRE preparation guide here (pdf).  
  • You can also apply if you haven't done GMAT yet. If you are selected for the programme, your selection is conditional. You must then submit your GMAT score before May 20 (for exchange in the first semester) or before September 20 (for exchange in the second semester).


QTEM students may apply for both an Erasmus+ Exchange Grantand an Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant. The amount depends on your destination. You can also apply for a travel scholarship at the  Amsterdam University Fund. Whether you can also apply for more scholarships depends on your study programme and destination. For that, you can use the links to the search engines for other other scholarship opportunities.

How to apply

There are 2 application rounds. More information about the application procedure can be found on the application page.  

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