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What is your study programme?


Last modified on 31-07-2022
Read what you need your laptop to do if you use it for your studies. No laptop? You can borrow a laptop.
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You're currently viewing general information. Choose your study programme to see additional information that's specific to your study programme, such as deadlines, regulations and contact details.
What is your study programme?
  • Borrowing a laptopIs your own laptop not available and do you urgently need a computer? At the Library, you can borrow a laptop for a day. You can also find study places with desktops at the Library.
  • Available software on PCs in UvA librariesAll computers in the UvA libraries have a standard set of software applications available. In the Amsterdam Science Park, the computers have some additional software. See the lists below.
  • Requirements for your laptopYou need to bring your own device. For some degree programmes, your laptop must meet a number of requirements. This page explains whether this applies to you and what the requirements are.